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Chevy Double Hump Heads383 chevy with double hump heads. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Adrian, New York on Facebook Marketplace. Sitting in my command bunker waiting for the zombi. Step back in time with our modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double hump cylinder heads, now cast in lightweight aluminum! Also known as "fuelie" heads, the 3782461 castings were used on many legendary Chevrolets from 1961-1967. Nov 23, 2020 - 302 Budget Build | 302 Budget Build | Building the 302 5. Hey all, awhile ago an issue was brought to my concern about my double hump 1. Ultimate guide to the Chevrolet/Chevy 327 engine produced from 1962-1969, including the L30, L74, L75, L76, L79, and L84 327 Engines. You state that your Sealed Power pistons are designed to produce 10. If its not what you want you can always change the heads and cam to something else. 5001 : 74 : 1971-73: 330862 : 400 : 1. Chevy Top End Kit 350 383 400 Aluminum Cylinder Heads straight plug 327 283. Chevy Small Block Alternator Bracket, Fuelie or Camel Hump Heads…. Vintage Air, AGR steering, Corbeau GTSII seats, 700R4 transmission, 12-bolt w/Eaton 4. Same fuelie ports as 186, 492 etc heads but with 1. When I bought my car back it had a. I'm putting a new carb on the car, and in so doing changing plugs, fuel lines, filter, etc. Don't confuse with the 70 over the counter 340292 angle plug. Steel Chevy double-hump heads keep the old-school stage in check. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Dodgeville, Iowa on Facebook Marketplace. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1965 SB CHEVY 3782461 1. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Kaka, Arizona on Facebook Marketplace. My 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air, 327/300 engine, came from the factory with 3782461 “double-hump” heads with 1. Cylinder heads for all makes and models. Seagoville 1972 Chevy cylinder heads 454-402. DoubleVision · #2 · Jul 11, 2005. Yes they have those little extra holes for the water jackets but that. 90's @120 mph with a mild modified set of 062's that still use the 1. My friend has a 383 short block with flat top pistons,I want to use the top end off my 355, its 461 casting heads, 64cc, 202 160 valves, cam is a solid lifter 256 264 at 50, 504 504 lift, intake is a victor jr, 750 holley vac. Got a classic car to sell? We can Sell it! Call us Today! 1962 Chevrolet Impala Stock #753-DFW 1962 Chevrolet Impala for Sale …. 550 lift with big inch sbc Also if you run much more than 350-360 ci your really limiting the power potential, on 283-327 they run awesome and if are in good shape can be freshened up reasonable priced. a 500 lift 302 duration cam that is 284 i have a 74 chevy k 2500 with a 350 bored 30 ove, with 4 valve relief flat top pistons. The Vortecs outflowed the camel humps by 30-40 cfm across the rpm range. I now feel a early small journal 327 better fits the …. Buy ICT Billet SBC Alternator/Power Steering Pump Accessory Drive Bracket Kit for Double Hump Heads 305 327 350 383 5. Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente. 468 cam edelbrock preformer eps and a 600 cfm edelbrock carb all in a 80 camaro the engine runs strong but i recently aquired a set of 461 double hump heads they have a 3 angle valve job and screw in studs i know the swap. Some of the casting numbers you see the most are 461 (no bolt holes), 462, 492, 186, 041, 041X, 291 (no bolt holes), 292 (over-the-counter GM race head) Those used to be the heads we all ran, for years and years, back before CNC casting made possible the whole aftermarket head industry as we know it. If you switched to a long pump that would put the alternator on the passenger side. I have a set of 291 double humps in my car with the small tapered seat plugs. Camel Double Hump Heads Cylinder GM Casting 3917291. Manufactured from premium quality aluminum. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Washington D. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Daylight, Indiana on Facebook Marketplace. 327 double hump heads for me, a nice variety on cc's depending on casting fed through the L-79 350 hp hydraulic cam or if not worried about setting the lash as said the Duntov 30/30 …. Free ShippingLoading Estimated Ship Date: Today. In-line gas filter with a return hose from the bottom. Recent searches: 461 double double pumper. This results in a more powerful and efficient engine. That one, then one with a very short casting mark, the double humps were only a 1/4" above the deck surface, and the later '68-70 with accessory holes. New and used Car Exterior Parts for sale in Grant City, Missouri on Facebook Marketplace. In the early '70's, racers paid up to $2000 for those heads in classes where factory castings were required. Chevy SBC Assembled Aluminum Camel Double Hump 461. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Lamont, New York on Facebook Marketplace. They also had 202 intakes 160 exhaust valves. Chevy 461 Double Hump Cylinder Head Comparison - Tech Talk. Stealth Black Chevy Small Block Alternator Bracket - Fuelie or Camel Hump Heads with Long Water Pump (LWP) (283, 302, 327, 305, 350 & 400 CID) Mid-mount Chevy small block alternator bracket for V-belt applications with Fuelie heads that do not have bolt holes in the front of the cylinder head. 7L V8 Designed & Manufactured in the USA 551576. Std Equipment on a 67/68 Z28 302 290Hp and 295/375Hp 327. There are 2,506 casting numbers in the database. What I was wondering was if this was a common block/head combination, and if I. Yes they are getting old but yes they didn't get their reputation for not being good. back in the early 80's my best friend had a 79 Z-28, we put a sbc with camel non accesory holed heads on his car, we found a bracket from somewhere that worked fine. The business is listed under community health centre category. Just left a garage sale where there was a nice clean pair of double hump heads. Modern non swirl heads flow better and would probably need less work to get a real good reliable set done. Rebuilt with new guides, unleaded seats, 1. The casting numbers on them are 8782481 and 114H. The 350ci workhorse was poked 0. The “double hump” or “fuelie” heads have been around since the 1960’s. They have a smaller chamber volume and a higher compression ratio than double hump heads, which allows for more air and fuel to be packed into the combustion chamber. Part Number: SUM-152123 Loading Summit Racing™ Cast Iron Cylinder Heads for Small Chevy Cylinder Head, Cast Iron, Assembled, 72cc Chamber, 165cc Intake Runner, Chevy, 302, 327, 350, 400, Each See …. Then with the advent of the aluminum head L-98 those had 58cc chambers like a 305. Get back on the road quickly with a …. I have non ported 461 heads with the 202 160 valves. item 3 very nice !! 3890462 small block chevy factory hipo double hump cylinder heads. SBC Engines for sale in Maplewood, Ohio. After numerous cam changes, the OP found that the -140 cam was the best for his 302. The 69 or 70 double humps do flow much better than the smog heads. •Maximum valve lift on Vortec cylinder heads is. I remember just a few years ago they always brought big money. Cash only 1964-65 Chevy Double Hump/Fuelie Heads - $400 (Sabetha) Chevy Small Block Heads, 1. 00 View Item Details 1970 - 1972 350 Lt1 Style Engine Authentic 370hp Block Heads Xcd Gm 3966921 $12895. Now if it's machined that doesn't mean it is a factory 2. Step back in time with our modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double hump cylinder heads, now cast in …. Those heads were used on the 327/300 engines from 1962-1967 and have 60 cc combustion chambers. 1967 1968These are the highly sought after 64CC Double Hump Heads. 1965 SBC Small Block Chevy 302, 327, 350 Heads 3782461 461 62cc. Most two-headed coins are manufactured by novelty vendors for magicians to u. Nice set of rebuilt SB Chevy performance cylinder heads for sale. On my 2 barrel engines where the rules allow I go to the 218 runner Vortec Bowties. Ankeny 1963-1964 Pontiac Full Size Windshield Garnish Molding …. The 292 castings replaced the camel hump heads then Bowtie head replaced 292 head then the Vortec heads replaced the old phase 2 bowtie 034 castings. They have larger intake runners and have accessory holes. 1968 Small Block Chevy SBC 302 327 Hump Heads 3917291 291 L-1-7, K-24-7, 1. Come join the discussion about performance, builds, restoration. 64 cc heads for 383 stroker. New and used Auto Parts for sale in Sassafras, Maryland on Facebook Marketplace. You don't see the gen 1 327s at the strip too often anymore but this one is clearly doing work!FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIAFACEBOOK http://www. 98 reviews of Webb Chevy Plainfield "I don't leave reviews. 3782461 SBC 327 Double Hump Fuelie Heads 1964 Chevelle Corvette C2 Rebuilt Nice. I'm not an engine expert, but I understand the later model stock heads (swirl port & vortec) flow better, are unleaded pump gas friendly, and produce as. Camel hump heads for a 283. SBC Engines for sale in Franklin, Iowa. Condition: Remanufactured Remanufactured. These special features qualify it among the best SBC heads for 500 HP engines. Originally sold bare, so valve sizes are dependent on machining. I found tonight that I appear to have some powerpack 283 heads on it as well lol. 202 chevy double hump head. Actually the 291 and 292 are identical. If you are looking for just that "double hump" or no accesory bolt holes in the ends look and are not prioritizing power production they are probably right for. Find local deals on Hobby Items in Edith, Texas on Facebook Marketplace. The cam was a Crane small Fireball, the 218 duration, 450+ lift hydraulic. The double hump (camel backs or fuelie heads) were great in the 60's and 70's, but there are much better heads on the market now. 94 CYLINDER HEADS DOUBLE HUMP 327 CORVETTE CHEVELLE 1965 SB CHEVY 3782461 1. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Brushy, Oklahoma on Facebook Marketplace. One Chevy 461X Double Hump Head. ) Today I got to looking at the 327 engine in the '68 Chevy that I bought from a little old lady who is too old to drive anymore, and after scraping the grease away at the front of the un-drilled head, I found what looked like a power-pak head but instead of having a. I believe if you see a pair of double hump heads with 2. The torque specifications for Chevrolet 350 cubic inch V8 head bolts are 65 foot-pounds per bolt if securing the stock cast iron head. 076: 1966 is late March introduction. And they will make more power than those 461's ever will. The Vortec's blow the camel humps away. Compatible with long water pump and 19319932 or 19319961 style power steering pump; This kit will work with V-belt; 1, 2, or 3 rib pulleys; Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced billet …. The 186 castings have double humps and bolt holes (no bolt holes on 461, 462 or 291), and were used on the …. The company best placed in Sham Shui Po District in our national ranking is in position #22 in terms of turnover. If you want cheap look at a set of Vortecs or look for some dbl hump heads with 64cc chambers, that will bump up your compression a lot. Use with or without power steering, pair with pt# 91667920. I have them on my 383 in my daily-driver truck. The first one is a 461 and the other is all the rest of the double humps. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Walton, Kentucky. RamAirZ said: Hey guys, I told you before that I found out that my 67' Biscayne appears to have a 307 in it (block casting number- 3970020). Ankeny Chevy Double Hump Heads. The easiest way to reference any production head is with the last three digits of its casting number. 5 The motor set up I'm planning on using them with is: '67 327 block Forged 283 crank Tunnel Ram intak with 2 600 Edelbrocks. The "X" will not be right next to the 461. As I understand it, the transition was not smooth and uniform so that it is possible to find early '70 dated heads with the flat/washer seat plugs. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Canoe Creek, Pennsylvania on Facebook Marketplace. There was also an angle plug version of this head but Chevy never did angle plug double hump heads for …. A quick search educated me that a set of later model Vortec heads are a better option. "Chevrolet small-block V-8 ID Guide" is not the last word, by any stretch. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. no problems cleaning out my garage. Pata mapunguzo bora na uuze bidhaa zako bila ada. When you read, do you hear the words in. Another thing , early double hump heads did not have holes for accessories. Home; Contact us; Login; Register; NEWEST CARS; SELL YOUR CAR; FAQ; Home / Chevrolet / VERY CLEAN IMPALA, BUILT 327CI CHEVY, DOUBLE HUMP HEADS, 4 SPEED TRANS, …. the 461 has a 64cc chamber & the 462 has a 68cc chamber. Anybody who builds hot small block Chevy engines these days will tell you not to bother modifying the old "double bump/double hump/camel hump" Chevy heads, 'cause there's dozens of new iron and aluminum replacements that work better right out of the box than any modified original which is exactly why I want to run "real" mid '60's …. Then in 1964, depending on the option level of the engine, the double hump heads could have EITHER 1. The '67 heads are a significantly different head (externally) from the '69-70 variant and would all be the larger size plug …. They had pressed-n studs and were pinned. fastercar68 · #2 · Jul 11, 2004. fully assembled heads (2 heads) AFR Enforcer 200cc/65cc ULTRA HIGH FLOW CYLINDER HEADS …. Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. New and used Car engines and parts for sale in Connersville, Indiana on Facebook Marketplace. Production ended approximately June of 1966 and replaced with #3890462. 469 lift, 670 Holley on a Performer RPM intake, stock exhaust manifolds with a transverse muffler, 4 speed and an 8. delcoenginesandcomponents (215) 100%. OK, in theory Chevrolet heads take the tapered seat spark plugs ("peanut plugs") after 1970. I'm using a set of double hump heads. 94 CYLINDER HEADS DOUBLE HUMP 327 CORVETTE CHEVELLE at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. Received 508 Likes on 364 Posts. I also have a book that says "no bolt holes", but I never saw a Chevy without them from '68 on, same year they enlarged the crankshaft journals. Step back in time with our modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double hump cylinder heads, now cast in lightweight aluminum! In this video, Joe and Wyatt discuss the features that bring the vaunted camel hump heads into the 21st Century. 94" valves are capable of 455 HP in stock form on the same engine. Wyatt and Joe compare them with the original GM 461 casting or "fuelie heads" that debuted on the 1961 Corvette with Rochester fuel injection. I see the plugs are Autolite 26s and the. Compatible with Double Hump Heads (does not use cylinder head bolt holes) Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced, billet aluminum ; Includes all necessary mounting hardware as shown; Suggested Long Water Pump Part # CWP-520; Shown with 551522 Power Steering Pump Bracket; Shown with AC Delco alternator part …. I researched the best head-porting tactics for small-block Chevy double-hump heads, and iron big-block Chevy rectangle-port heads. Now when I see them at swapmeets they seem to ask around 200-400 dollars depending on condition. Albuquerque $> 67 Camaro SS Hood 68 69 SS Z28 RS Yenko Baldwin. The success of these heads cause every Chevy cylinder head with the double hump casting identifier to be referred to as fuelie heads for an . Arlington 1967 chevelle two door malibu. Fresh small block Chevy double hump heads. Hello Guest Sign in or Create an account. Information on Small Block Chevy Head Casting Numbers. 050″ tappet lift (intake/exhaust) is. Also, all SS's got the larger 11" clutch set-up and the larger 8" harmonic. New and used Auto Parts for sale in Paradise Lakes on Facebook Marketplace. These cylinder heads were designed to increase the flow of air and fuel into …. And, they were only made in '61,'62, and '63. On the latest Chevy High Performance Magazine there are quite many SB Chevy heads measured (both the intake ports and combustion chambers), and they even flowed them on a flowbench. Recommend head gasket for 4” bore engines is the Fel-Pro 1003 style gasket. These heads may have come with 1. those are early double humps, good hp head, they could be 1. SBC Engines‎‎‏ למכירה ב: ‏אוונסוויל‏. Those are probably the "double hump" heads you have. 60's, these apparently don't have hardened valve seats, and an issue was brought to my attention a while back when I was still coming up with my setup, I was on this hi po chevy forum and this guy was saying that my heads would barely last 6 months of …. ICT Billet SBC LWP Alternator Bracket Double Hump Heads Adjustable Billet Kit Small Chevy 305 327 350 5. we have eliminated the intake gaskets and sucking oil in thru the valley, removed manifold twice to check. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Stuart, Iowa. Otherwise look at a set of '87-'92 L …. Just drill and tap the one hole that is needed, and you should be fine. Re: Trick Flow 175cc "Double hump" heads. Im definetly going to have to check everything out. Re: 462 double hump heads (Vetterodder) 462's were one of the best flowing production heads. They are larger chamber,better ports,& having the larger chambers,, it unshrouds the valves better promoting better airflow. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Carman, Illinois on Facebook Marketplace. 70 chevelle, SS clone 454 4 speed 3. Find local deals on Hobby Items in Squires, Maryland on Facebook Marketplace. You and many others are not aware of what was OEM cylinder heads on the 1965 250/327. Heads are not drilled for steam holes that are required on SBC 400 engines. Flowtech headers 2 1/2 half way with flowmaster 40's and I just got a TCI 3500 stall. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. The accessory holes came out …. ">'462' Double Bump head question. Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting Casting symbol on exterior face of head is the infamous double-hump design. MY FATHER HAD A SMALL HOARD IN HIS GA. 7 170,000 good working engine still sold in parts. It has received 5 reviews with an average rating of 5 stars. Cast from premium quality aluminum that shaves 40 lbs. Small Block Chevy Alternator & Power steering Brackets Camel Hump Heads LWP SBC. What type of Chevy Cylinder-Heads are cast number 3881492?. To mount the alternator on the passenger side, my engine builder drilled and tapped the one hole needed. Our versions of the popular GM. V is the swept volume of the cylinder in cc’s and C is the total combustion chamber space. Speedway Motors Tech Talk GM 461 Double Hump Chevy SBC Aluminum Heads. CHEVY VORTEC CAST IRON SMALL BLOCK CYLINDER HEADS - BRZEZINSKI … The Chevy Vortec head is an excellent choice for a variety of performance and race. New bronze guides, new 194 - 150 valves, new valve seats, new Comp valve retainers and keepers, new Z28 valve springs. 5-inch valves or they might have been made with 2. 02 valve 545 double hump heads? - Got ahold of a small block that was code correct except it did not have the big valve 2. item 5 2 NEW CHEVY GM MARINE OHV 5. the 601 is also nothing special compared to modern performance heads. 560" max spring pocket diameter. For example, I chose a few different head designs and challenged myself to learn via the web, what should be my operating procedure in gaining some horsepower through some simple porting. 550 lift hydraulic roller conversion double springs with locks and. Small Block Chevrolet Double Hump Cylinder Heads 3927186. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Village at Aviano, Phoenix on Facebook Marketplace. 1968 Camaro NHRA/IHRA SS/C 'Super Stocker' 396/Jerico. 040" over small journal 327 in it with -041 double hump heads with 1. 030” over 327, flat top pistons, “462” double hump heads with 1. MY engine builder friend just built a 355 with 462's and a hydraulic cam ( Lunati ) that ran a 6. Again, choose one that is suitable for the intended engine usage. 1967 462 double hump small block chevy heads. 50" -461x double hump heads that were used on the 315hp/283 FI engine. Aluminum double hump heads would be like adding 10 horsepower due to the weight savings. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Old Fourth Ward on Facebook Marketplace. 02 valves, but no valves in heads, just rocker studs. Edelbrock 5089 is another nice aluminum head for small Chevy engines. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Geneva, Ohio on Facebook Marketplace. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Other Exterior Parts & …. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Carney, Maryland. With a bowl blend and good valve cut for a 11:01 on a 358 CID engine I have seen over 500 horse no problem. with a short stroke 327 in a light car (camaro) you can get away with more cam a Crane energiser 272 has. 383 cid and 250 cfm heads should get ya 485 hp very easy if you want to run atleast. 7 corvette chevelle fulie fuelie fuely gasser hotrod hot rod ratrod rat . The camel hump heads never came on any 283's, they were 327 and up. Additionally, I found a wealth of info on the steps necessary to improve the Vortec with minimal porting. Small Block Chevy with Double Hump Heads. Jeff, In Chevy performance (by Dave Emanuel): The 461 is the original "double hump" casting. Like the stock 96-00 vortec L31 heads is a good 30-35 HP gain over the double hump heads Click to expand The casting numbers of the ORIGINAL heads that were on the motor are 93417869. I have acquired a freshly rebuilt set of 291 double hump heads with what seems like 2. cscylinderheadshop (1,726) 100%. Mostmaybe all can be identified while bolted inplace by a unique shape cast into the frontward face of. An Authentic Aluminum Reproduction of Chevy’s Camel Hump “Fuelie” Heads. Let me preface this by saying I feel pretty silly just noticing this tonight after owning the car a few months. Now rotate the head 90-degrees and do the same straight-in grinding technique. (owned since 1978!) 454-th400 3. Bowls blended and only the exhaust ports polished. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Terre Haute, Ohio on Facebook Marketplace. Those heads were at one time commonly called LT-1 heads, because these are what came on the Corvette LT-1 as well as the Z/28 engine. These new fuelie heads had two semi-circles on top of the square rectangle called a set of "camel humps". As a result, 492 and other double-hump castings are routinely referred to as a fuel-injection or fuelie heads, even though they were also used on the original LT-1 and the 302ci Z/28 Camaro engine. We shifted at 6,000rpm and ran past the …. 02 heads with the double hump symbol AND accessory holes on the ends. Good small valve heads would be the about 137 to 140 cc intake port 220hp/283 and I think 250hp/327 Power Pack heads that have a big triangle on the top of the flat rect. 750 reach plugs for vortec heads and aluminum heads. I have no complaints, but was told by my …. I do remember seeing a flow comparison between Vortec heads and the double-humps several years ago in one of the magazines. Apple's antitrust defense is moot after a narrow court decision on Monday morningAAPL Apple (AAPL) shares are feeling even more pressure as the Supreme Court adds to the bad news flow against the company. Find local deals on Hobby Items in Tanager Forest, Maryland on Facebook Marketplace. Nice fastburn chamber and eliminated the exhaust cross over. In this video we discuss what is the best casting to start with for your application. 3% Positive feedback Contact seller. Our Camel Hump's have ZERO INTAKE RUNNER PORTING and ZERO CHAMBER PORTING The exhaust runners are ported just to smooth them out so they could be polished and the bowls were ported due to the valve job for the larger 2. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Trick Flow Specialties TFS. SBC Engines for sale in Oakthorpe. Technical strange small block chevy head casting mark?. 00 work to get them compatible to modern gasoline. 25; The initial Corner Odds is 9. ">Camel Hump head spark plug question. Original 1963 SBC 327 Double Hump Camel Hump Fuelie Heads 461x 3782461 Corvette. Rated at 375 hp, the fuel-injected 327 was. With more than double the amount of production, this makes the small-block Chevy cylinder heads the world’s most used cylinder heads as well. Or fastest delivery Mon, Oct 9. These have been on the shelf for about 10 years. Comes with import approval, been in Aus since 90’s. New and used SBC Engines for sale in El Mirage, Arizona on Facebook Marketplace. 202 heads are double hump and the regular small block has single hump. Air Flow Research | High Performance Cylinder Head Specialists. When chevy built the Vortec heads for their trucks, they inadvertantly created what at the time was the best production head ever made. Has a 180cc intake runner/port. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Beverly Crest on Facebook Marketplace. Chevrolet Performance 19355658: GM 350ci/290 SBC V8 Base …. Accepts Sanden or Sankyo 508 A/C compressor and stock GM alternators. Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Getting 400+ HP From an Old Small. Shop Cylinder Heads at Summit Racing. SBC Engines for sale in Boones Mill, Virginia. Trick Flow is bringing back an aluminum version of the classic camel or double hump heads for the Chevy small block. The 283 I finally got that my Airhead Nephew once owned has a good set of …. I have replaced them with a set of AFR aluminum heads and now have the 291's off for a re-build. The advent of modern engines that make 400 hp or more has colored the reality of the past. Cliffs: Vortec 350 heads 787-16 retainers LS6 or LS9, or Comp Beehive springs stock locks LT4 hotcam or similar stock Vortec self centering rocker arms RPM Vortec intake (or similar) carb Will easily net. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Sybene on Facebook Marketplace. Totally, Sham Shui Po and Central & Western fought for 4 times before. 6 exhaust on the high performance 302, 327 and 350. It seams GM had no rime or reason to the plug design change over. My question is what are they suppose to flow. I'm not sure these new style heads have the Fast Burn combustion chambers but if they did I think I love to have a set. In Sham Shui Po District, Infobel has listed 13,286 registered companies. 46 diameter, so the valve seats have been cut. The picture above shows one of three different casting marks for the double hump heads. item 8 461 heads double hump Chevrolet Chevy SBC stored 40 years 3782461 461 heads double hump Chevrolet Chevy SBC stored 40 years 3782461. All my dirt track buddies use the 882 or 461 and x heads. Stock "double hump" heads flow 202 cfm intake and 141 cfm on the exhaust. The bigger ports are worth 15-30 hp depending on engine configuration, disregard what Chevy rated them. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Maplewood, Ohio on Facebook Marketplace. The other heads 3911032 were used 68-70 and probably have 1. Out of the box double hump cast heads produced from 25 to 40 horsepower less, depending on valve size. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Glenview Estates, Arizona on Facebook Marketplace. I recently called a reputable machine shop in my area about having my sbc camel hump heads upgraded for unleaded fuel and to install 2. New and used Snow Plows for sale in Roanoke, Virginia on Facebook Marketplace. Z15CAM · #14 · Feb 17, 2011 (Edited) Do you want me in on this one 291 Vs 292 Turbo Flows & 302 Vs 327 with Jenkins to Boot ;o) The 291 or 292 Turbo Flow will get a SBC 302 or 327 to 8G's = 67-69 Castings. Carrollton $> 57 Chevy front fender Belair 150 210 hardtop wagon convertible. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Milton, Kansas on Facebook Marketplace. Chevy Small Block Cylinder Head Identification Guide Borrowed from CAR CRAFT Magazine Double (Captain’s) bars: 193: 1. The bigger heads to follow were the “double-hump” heads championed by the mid-’60s 327 engines. They are now outdated, and out-teched, and out-designed, though. Put AT LEAST a triple-angle valve cut(a4 or 5 angle cut is even better), then the CompCams Xtreme Energy 268H cam. 02 # 461 SBC # 3782461 DOUBLE HUMP CYLINDER HEADS CHEVY. The gap between the head and the springs looks to be awfully big. 1966 is late March introduction. Chevrolet Big Block Heads. Bonbo Alternator Bracket Double Hump Heads Adjustable Billet Kit for Small Block Chevy SBC 305 327 350 5. 5 roller tip rockers with no issues. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Sadsburyville, Pennsylvania on Facebook Marketplace. These heads will also interchange with other camel hump heads with casting numbers 461, 461X, 462, 291, 292, 186, 041, 370, & 492. His '63 engine would have had the 1. They are also 64 CC instead of 76 CC. item 4 GM Chevrolet Chevy Double Camel Hump Cylinder Head Assembly 3890462 GM Chevrolet Chevy Double Camel Hump Cylinder Head Assembly 3890462. Best Selling in Other Exterior Parts & Accessories. I also used the 204/214 cam in it and an LT-1 Chevy intake. If you flow the early GM heads and flow the vortec heads and compare the numbers. But the key is what you have to spend to make them useable. Victor JR intake w/ 750 mechanical Holley. C3 Tech/Performance - I just saw these beautiful aluminum 461 double hump heads! - Little pricey, but vastly improved from the originals. C3 Tech/Performance - Wasting Money: A 2. All pulleys and accessory brackets would have to be changed ! All of the pulleys and accessory brackets are either for a short water pump or. Recent searches: double hump camel hump sbc double hump Buy & Sell > Hump in buy and sell. These are Tonawanda's version of the exact same specification head for 1968 model year. I just got screwed up on the intake systems on the early 327's is all. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Abbyville, Kansas. The cam in the TBI engine is just plain AWFUL. most now are used up and i have been having good luck with the 305 heads when fully massaged The reason i asked was at the very top of the rpm range i did notice a difference in different plugs when i ran the double humpsand the washer type plugs,,,and i do notice some pencil lines on the …. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Wall, Texas on Facebook Marketplace. For 1969 model year Tonawanda 041 are the equivalent of Saginaw's 186. 202/160 Erson racing stainless steel valves PBM 3/8 screw in studs and 5/16 …. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Stuart, Iowa on Facebook Marketplace. I know it sounds hypocritical to run a camel humps and an alternator but it will be under the hood of '55 chevy so the non traditional sins will be hidden along with the Mallory Dist. This is well known and without debate. Casting symbol on exterior face of head is single centered pyramid on square block. Global transport problems can be solved using insights from India, says Uber's head of product and growth in India. Double hump heads spark plug Q. The Intake really doesn't need to say edelbrock,, a Summit intake for Vortecs is half the price, and just as good. 305 heads, 58cc chambers usually. 75; The initial Goals Odds is 3. Today in the shop we're learning about our new aluminum double hump cylinder heads for the small block Chevy V8. my dad has a set of 291's with the large 13/16 plugs. Choose Speedway Motors for the highest quality 283 Chevy Small Block Cylinder Heads on the market. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Highland Park on Facebook Marketplace. Chevy Heads Camel Back Heads. Their measurement did not end up as big as mine, I think they got …. They had been run on a Chevy 400 ci and had steam holes. the late Vortec heads have a saw tooth type pattern. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Franklin, Iowa on Facebook Marketplace. Deepmotor SBC Small Block Chevy 350 Cylinder Head Bare Straight Plug Aluminum. How Fuelie Cylinder Heads Launched SBC Performance. From what I have gathered the Chevy head from 65-66 with the single triangle on top of a rectangle box is actually considered a early "Power Pack" head but, with smaller valves for higher velocity air movement through the head over the double humped bigger valve power pack heads. 291s were use on 350s in '68 and '69. 94 valve 882 single hump heads versus 2. I have set of 291 casting heads with no …. I still have the (frozen) engine,. 94 CYLINDER HEADS DOUBLE HUMP 327 CORVETTE …. This combo worked real nice, but again, this was 25 years ago. Find local deals on Hobby Items in Hartland, North Carolina on Facebook Marketplace. i'm trying to track down a plug fouling problem in a 350 chev with 186 double hump heads. 1 product rating - OEM GM 3917291 …. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for (3927186) Chevrolet Small Block Double Hump Heads at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. Technical 327 intake on 283 with pp heads. They are still used in a variety of applications. 7L V8 Designed & Manufactured in the USA 551576: Brackets - Amazon. But 68's mount on the drivers side. martinengine(1198) 100% positive feedback; Price: $349. The Dart SS head is an excellent replacement for the double hump style heads Ashely Walker, Sophie Brzezinski and Catherine Kluchinski finished in a …. 60 valves) when 350 head gaskets are used; An Authentic Aluminum Reproduction of Chevy's Camel Hump "Fuelie" Heads. 1957 Chevy Belair 2 door hardtop. There are a number of castings 186, 461, etc. I have a 355 sbc with fuelie camel hump heads in my 62 vert. Chevrolet used that particular casting number on 283/302/327/350 engines with fuel injection or a single four barrel carburetor from 1961 through 1970. Chevrolet : Impala VERY CLEAN BISCAYNE, BUILT 327CI CHEVY, DOUBLE HUMP HEADS, 4 SPEED TRANS, NICE. 291 Heads a Good Idea or Not?. The bigger heads to follow were the "double-hump" heads championed by the mid-'60s 327 engines. 6" valves The pinch point in these heads are pretty big. I've heard these heads are not the best choice. motor using medium valves and the Hi-Po 327's using big valves on!!. The Rochester mechanical fuel injection option was first offered on the 283 cubic inch rated at 283 horsepower. Vortec heads instantly added 55 or more horsepower to a regular 350 head with the same displacement. Offered in 69-71, on high performance 350's, and as a service replacement for the 64cc heads. I'm currently building a 305/nv3500 powered 1984 Ford Ranger, just a weekend toy, probably never going to see the strip but once or twice when i get a wild hair. VERY NICE !! 3890462 SMALL BLOCK CHEVY FACTORY HIPO DOUBLE HUMP CYLINDER HEADS. 1964 1965 1966: 327 327 327: 350 350 350: 2. 5 percent of the population was. TrickFlows is the DHC 175, Speedway calls theirs Camel Double Hump 461. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Octa, Ohio on Facebook Marketplace. Older heads needed 32-degrees and up to ensure a more complete burn. Chevy small-block engine head casting numbers identify the model year, horsepower range, valve and chamber size and the size of the intake and exhaust ports. I would like to have a set of those. 060 over 300 horse 350 with a L-79 Cam and 291 Camel humps with screw in studs and guideplates. This is why the double hump, or camel hump heads are called fuelie heads. known mainly by the last 3 digits of their casting number, the most common ones to be found will be the. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan. For use with 55-68 Chevy short-style water pumps only, not for use with Vortec cylinder heads. if the 291`s don`t need guides, I`d use them. India has emerged as the innovation backbone for Uber’s global operations in a little over two years after it set up its eng. There is no difference in the castings between 1. We dont take heads to the machine shops anymore. It was still good for 14 flat in the quarter mile. 350 heads can be found that are cheap and are already set up for unleaded. 25534351C: 2004 Bow Tie, cast-iron, Vortec, 175cc intake ports, 65cc exhaust ports, 2. 02's but personally, for street racing, these are better at lower rpm's. Cylinder heads are painted, resurfaced, and reassembled. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. For example, my '049 454 Heads came off of a 73 Caprice, so I look the plugs up for a 73 454 Caprice, which takes an R44T, start there, and dial in the heat range based on how they look after a few hundred miles. Any camel hump head is a candidate for a street engine build. 6 heads were on the '64 365/ 375 hp 327. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Parkers Corners, Michigan on Facebook Marketplace. One is a complete head other is bare $200 or make offer. Straight-line-69 · #5 · Dec 8, 2008. Either way the motor is acting as if it is really mismatched parts-wise and I want to wake it up. Only the 315hp/283 FI engine got the 1. Our Portfolio; There were a couple of different cylinder heads, but the most sought out were the “double-hump” heads. This bracket kit will come with a satin finish and include all necessary bolts. Find local deals on Hobby Items in Bel - Aire Woods on Facebook Marketplace. Double Hump Heads Alternator Bracket. They resembled the back of a double hump camel, hence the nickname. The later double hump heads (69-70) had two small humps that were not connected. These heads will also interchange with double hump heads with casting numbers 370, 461, 461X, 462, 291, 292, 186, 041, & 492. 67 Chevy Camaro Dad's Budget Build 55 My Longhorn Build. Later model 5 lug bolt pattern all round. Arlington MGB cylinder head, MGBGT, 1800cc motor, MG heads, MG Midget, 1800 blocks, BGT. Back in the day, we weren’t thinking of unleaded. Forget Double Hump or Power Pak heads and they will not work with your intake without modifying the center bolt holes. I recall that the SBC double hump heads, casting numbers 3917291 and 3782461, do not have screw in studs. Double Hump Heads Exhaust Ported! Fair Shape! Opens in a new window or tab. They were ported and flow tested by the late Joe Mondello in 1970. The success of these heads cause every Chevy cylinder head with the double hump casting identifier to be referred to as fuelie heads for an entire generation of hot rodders. Chevy Heads Dauble Camel Hump 64cc 3991492. This is a pretty nice 492 Smallblock Chevy straight plug head that has had work done to it over …. Do this same routine for the other three positions of the head. ‏‎‎SBC Engines‎‎‏ במצב חדש ומשומש למכירה ב: ‏אוונסוויל‏ ב-Facebook Marketplace. The big difference is in the chamber shape. There are a lot of castings to choose from when running the Chevy Double Hump heads. From a 1995 Chevy High Performance article. In 2017 I took these to Mark Small Machine in Westminster MD and had them take a look at them. Both 461s and 462s were used on Camaro 350s in 1967. Shop 327 Chevy Small Block V8, Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on orders over $149 at Speedway Motors. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Pemberton, Ohio on Facebook Marketplace. Supposedly came off a 68 corvette. 6 valves, then a relief was machined into the combustion chamber wall, around the intake valve, to improve. Stonebrier 2 Discussion starter · Nov 6, 2008. Just bolt on and go! Thanks, the only time a set of double humps is worth anything is if someone is building an old Impala/Chevy II/Chevelle/Corvette and needs them for a correct resto. They were manufactured with larger intake and exhaust port volumes and valves for the period, and engines equipped with them had output. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Newburgh, Indiana on Facebook Marketplace. Machined for screw in studs and guide plates. They had slightly larger 64cc chambers and slightly larger 1. This casting number cylinder head was equipped with 1. The X is cast on the bottom side under the water passage near the end of the head. 291's have a boss for the temp sending unit - some are not drilled , most are. Double Hump Heads Which Head to run. 0 (305) came with double hump heads then make sure all components are working properly and are in real good shape. 94 64cc Reman at the best online prices at eBay! 1. You can easily retrofit a set of 1. Stainless Steel Dancer, Stripper, Band Cage Mancave, Baccalaureate, Bachelor Party. The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ is the perfect truck for those who want to cruise in style. ill stick with the block and crank that i have then instead of lookin for an older one. In 1968 and 1969 the double hump marks are exclusive to Saginaw casting plant (normally machined by Flint V8 engine plant). Find local deals on Hobby Items in Cooksville, North Carolina on Facebook Marketplace. well the heads look to be pretty untouched (even paint appears to be original) so whatever the valves measure. Find local deals on Hobby Items in Arden, Indianapolis on Facebook Marketplace. 50's with a 906 stock set and 10. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Chevy Heads Dauble Camel Hump 64cc 3991492 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip See details - OEM GM 3991492 Cylinder Head Small Block Chevy Camel Hump. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Abbyville, Kansas on Facebook Marketplace. The 350 designation is the cubic inch measurement that also translates to 5. The heads are dated C79 & F39 (March 7, 1969 & June 3, 1969). Car Engines & Parts for sale in Lathrup Village, Michigan. An Authentic Aluminum Reproduction of Chevy’s Camel Hump “Fuelie” Heads Step back in time with our modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double hump cylinder heads, now cast in lightweight aluminum! Also known as "fuelie" heads, the 3782461 castings were used on many legendary Chevrolets from 1961-1967. flowjoe said: Same runner design as the "186" casting double humps for '69/'70 but the "441"s have a much larger combustion chamber @ 76. Car Engines & Parts for sale in Sadsburyville, Pennsylvania. Sorry 462 camel hump casting hoarders, Trick Flow is bringing back an aluminum version of the classic camel or double hump heads for the Chevrolet small block. 60" valved -461's in my garage now. The previous valve springs had a 1. Though they belong to the same family of mammals, the American bison is a distinct genus within the Bovidae. 7L V8 Eight Cylinder Long Water Pump Carburetor V Belt Racing Power Alternator Bracket, Driver Side, Low Mount, Block Mount, Steel, Chrome, Short Water Pump, Small Block Chevy, Each. Speedway Motors posted a video to playlist Tech Talk. Double Hump head Question. I bought it rebuilt with these heads & never Other than that it is the best head Chevy ever made equipped with 1. holes Camel Hump, Double Hump. The vortec heads are better in every way unless you have free double bump heads and have to pay for the vortec's. I got 2 double hump heads that are cores to build. Carrollton 1966 1967 Chevy Chevelle / El Camino Dashboard Assembly. They should be 462 casting heads. Best time to call is after 5:00 pm or weekend. You can pay around $1,200 for a good professional porting job. Chevy Suburban Seat (1990) $125. Stock Vortecs will perform better than the double humps,probably cost 600. SpikedLeatherworksMemberfrom Houston, Texas. Vintage Original 1966 Corvette Chevelle 461 Double Hump Heads 327 PAIR 3782461. Step back in time with Speedway Motors’ modern reproduction of the iconic Chevy 461 double-hump cylinder …. They were succeeded by casting number 3890462 heads from 1966-1967. In our experience, you must have a decent set of cylinder heads in order to make 400 hp on a basic, low-compression 350 c. " These may be some Chinese knockoffs -be careful. I have a set of 1966 # 461 casting double hump heads dated July of 65. SBC Engines for sale in Gulfport, Illinois. One of my 69's is an original SS-350 car (now a 406) and it had 4-bolt mains, double-hump heads, and I believe she had a forged crank and cast pistons. 350 hp double hump head are high compression ,if you are building it ,then you will have to make sure that squish/quench area is around. This item LWP Low Mount Alternator Bracket Double Hump Heads Adjustable Billet Kit for Small Block Chevy SBC 305 327 350 5. Because Jeff has been building small-block Chevys since he was in his teens, he knew he needed the best factory head available at the time, which were the 3890462 “double-hump” heads. Just like the rest of the 461's that were used across the board on all 1965 Corvette small blocks with the exception of the 2. I have seen them opened up to 1. The 461 heads are 40 year old technology. The "X" casting had the same port configuration; yet, larger intake port volume. taters Discussion starter · Jun 3, 2015. 55 valves & possibly the smaller 1. The only ones I ever saw were angle plug - the 492 head was available in straight or angle plug. Chevrolet Double-Hump Cylinder Heads - Circle . There are 291, 462 and 461 original double hump heads that GM made -they . New and used SBC Engines for sale in Garden Lakes, Phoenix on Facebook Marketplace. all plugs are badly oil fouling. Double hump heads are an iconic symbol of muscle car culture, with their distinctive, double-hump shape. New and used Car Engines & Parts for sale in Dundalk, Maryland on Facebook Marketplace. 7 (350) Chevy engine & 700r/4l60 transmission. 1968 Street/Strip Camaro 350 w/PG. Typical Camel humps only flow 195 CFM. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Wiley, Virginia on Facebook Marketplace. Sham Shui Po District Health Centre is a Community health centre located in Shek Kip Mei St, 66號 石硤尾邨美禧樓 201A, Shek Kip Mei, HK. For my Dollar I would go for a set of AFR or the Edelbrock e heads. Buy and sell items locally or have something new shipped from stores. 65_SS said: The 1965 head, 3880462x has a hole in which the pushrods pass through, not a slot. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SBC Single # 186 Double Hump Chevrolet # 3927186 Chevy Cylinder Head Core at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. Powerpacks are not known for their breathing abilities, but they should give great low end velocity. are head #3782461 good heads or shud i get vortecs. TYFYB Air Gap Aluminum Intake Manifold 350 Satin For 1996 - UP SBC Small Block Chevy Vortec 1500 to 6500 Rpm. Improved port/chamber shape for better performance with the 3-angle machined valve job that promotes better flow. They will bump your compression 1. Chevy double hump heads are a popular choice for performance enthusiasts as they provide good airflow and compression ratios. Ankeny 1966 CHEVY II 283 BLOCK 3562194. Pound for pound, or in this case CC for CC, the Vortec beats 90% of everything out there produced before 1996. New and used SBC Engines for sale in Gulfport, Illinois on Facebook Marketplace. I know the big valves are sought after but don't the 1. 350 Chevy Double Hump Heads Ones been Ported and Polished. 6 valves had to be machined around the intake valve. The 492 was the last of the double-hump heads.