Remington Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers My father recently passed away and I inherited all of his guns. This site provides values and information on firearms in a convenient online pricing guide format, and allows you to find out what your used guns are worth. Each model of Ithaca double guns had a separate and distinct series of serial numbers. What was date of mfg of c g bonehill 12 gauge double barrel serial number 56618? I have an antique 20GA double barrel shotgun. The American West - 1850 to 1900. Rem-Rand Serial Numbers Data from Remington Rand Corporation Records of Advertising and Sales Promotion archived at Hagley Museum and Library X Before serial number (noiseless with 6 digits in no. Beginning in 1968, Remington 1100 serial numbers started carrying the letter 'L' prefix. Richards Double-Barrel Hammer Shotgun. The Winchester Model 21 is a deluxe side by side shotgun. I can’t tell from the pictures but if the serial number begins with a B it’s for sure Remington made Auto 5. The serial number on it is 146212. My serial number starts with 968**V. I am trying to get information about my old Remington side by side double barrel. Baker Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers – trueyfil. What model double barrel did Remington make in what years? Remington made the following double barrel shotguns. Western Field Serial Number Lookup. Other parts that may be found on a shotgun include the trigger guard, safety mechanism, magazine, sight and forestock. There are no factory records for the yearly number of shotguns produced …. As to Remington serial number ranges Brother Jim; for the Model 1889 hammer gun serial number blocks, there were two; the first ran from number 1 up to the 150 or 160,000. Condition: Fair condition with rusty bores. Discontinuing serial numbers are due to the fact that number ranges were reserved and production not done in numbered order. Brinlew02 Discussion starter · Jan 30, 2023. There is an engaving at the bottom near th. 410 single shot break action shotgun, 410 A capital letter E proof mark on the bottom of the barrel lug The number 2521 on the left hand side of the barrel lug The serial number on 14mm/32-gauge and. Back up what they tell you with this information; DECODING REMINGTON SERIAL NUMBERS Model 870 LETTER PREFIX 1950 TO APPROX 1968: NO SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX 1968 TO PRESENT: LETTERS USED (IN SEQUENCE). As with all other types of firearms in the United States, shotguns must be engraved with a serial number by the manufacturer. I have an Enders Special Service double barrel 12 gauge shotgun Serial #11849. Yesterday afternoon, I saw a nice 11-48 for sale at Lincoln, Missouri, and was surprised to see that it was marketed as a Mohawk 48, and the barrel date code reads A X, which is 1973. Loomis, one of Remington’s premier gun designers of that time. It starts at September 30, 1919, with Model 10 serial number 172939. (marked as such on both sides, does NOT say Batavia on it all) 12 Gauge shotgun with a serial number of 4984 I have a Remington double barrel/trigger, 12g, #135141, model 1894; rubber butt …. The used value of a HARRINGTON …. Remington Model 1889 Grade 1 Double Barrel Hammer ShotgunSingle brass bead sight on the matte solid rib marked "REMINGTON ARMS CO. Most of these shotguns serial numbers were not kept in the records of Winchester as to the serial …. The guns are mechanically the same as shotguns with the Stevens name on them but are less well finished and they have hard wood stocks and forearms instead of walnut. A serial number is a number assigned to each firearm, marking the firearm's position in. Decoding Serial Numbers and Barrel Codes. Serial Number Year of Manufacture; 16928: 1884: 20776: 1890: 26397: 1897: 35000: 1901: 37000: 1902: 40000: …. Barrel marked Damascus double barrel. By the April 1899 UMC Catalogue things are really taking off and they've added 2 3/4 and 2 7/8 inch lengths to both 16- and 20-gauge offerings, and the 3 1/4 inch 12-gauge. Proof marks, because this was changed to determine production in 1993 you don't have, you will need to find the 1964. FAQ Logout [ Bing [Bot] ] Advertisement; Decoding Serial Numbers and Barrel Codes. Knickerbocker 12ga, 29 5/8' barrels, 'Poor …. Re: Chart of Model 10 Serial Number. REMINGTON DOUBLE BARREL 12 GA EXPOSED HAMMERS PRE 1898 BORES GOOD HAS FOUR LIGHT DENTS IN BARRELS NO RUST OR PITTING ORIGINAL FACTORY BUTT PLATE WOOD SERIAL NUMBER 7 REMINGTON HEPBURN DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. remington double barrel shotgun serial numbers Courtesy of Roy Gunther, William M. 12 gauge, 28" barrels, S/N 95873. Ancient Firearms - 1350 to 1700. Savage was a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor …. and on Semi-Autos somewhere on the receiver…. Grades Offered: Grade 1 – Decarbonized steel barrels Grade 2 – Fine twist barrels. western arms model long range double guns. A serial number identifies a specific device such as an iPhone. John Callahan Arms Historian P. He served as editor of two of the industry's most respected annuals: Standard Catalog of Firearms and Gun Digest. The top of the forend iron has the serial number and 'PAT'D MAY 7,1901'. Remington Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Number Lookup fidpelh New Mexico Vs UNLV Live Streams 2020 Bahis Sitelerinden Para Cekme [2020] AirCrack NG Suite 1. com">Remington Arms Company, Inc. Serial # 31467 & 47393 The first is a Bayard 12 gauge …. I have an old Parker hammer double barrel with a serial number of 8831. The BSS was a boxlock side-by-side, though Browning did introduce a sidelock version in 1983. Browned and color case hardened finish, checkered pistol-gripped stock with hard rubber Remington logo buttplate. Henri Pieper was a German born gunmaker in Belgium. barrel, no serial number on the left side and with a serial number OP: the shotgun you are referring to is the Remington Autoloading Shotgun. It and the Model 1893, also known as the. You can always use Remington Serial Number Lookup to find out manufacture date of your Remington firearm. 00; msg1253 american made percussion shotgun conversation piece [a] $ …. John Krider double barreled shotgun. Old Crescent Davis Shotgun. From 1908 until 1962, Sears, Roebuck & Company sold a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational equipment, including bicycles, golf clubs, rifles, shotguns, and revolvers under the brand name "J. The old "between the wars" factory ledger ends for 12-gauge Model 11 and "Sportsman" on September 1, 1944, at serial number 716840. If a gun is returned to the factory as a fire. Serial numbers of guns produced by the Marlin Firearms Company (1968-71) had a prefix of FWM. 00 - Used REMINGTON MODEL 10 12GA SHOTGUN SOLID RIB C&R. Download a PDF with pricing, value and reference information for Marlin firearms, courtesy of the Standard Catalog of Firearms. TriStar introduced two value-priced double-barrel shotguns for 2021. Guns International – A Fine Selection of Vintage & Antique Double Barrel Shotguns. Browning produced the BSS side-by-side shotgun from 1971 to 1987, beginning with 12-gauges in 1971 and followed by 20-gauges starting in 1972. The 5000 was the action identifier which was used on a number of "trade brand" guns as well as the Springfield No. ; The Blue Book of Gun Values is a useful serial number …. introduced their 12-gauge, five-shot, John M. Using these barrel codes to date a shotgun is somewhat unreliable, as shotgun barrels are often interchanged at random. and began to manufacture the new Remington Model. Note that Bill Goforth considered Iver Johnson's with all number serial numbers to have been made from 1909-1919. The condition on this shotgun really is nice, with great wood and metal. It will make a nice addition to you collector or Click for more info. shotgun, with its twin, distinctively curved “C”-shaped hammers. Smith "Syracuse Seven" 12 Gauge Double-barrel Shotgun, c. According to the, interpolated from shipping records, serial number list in Charles Semmer's book, Remington Double Shotguns, 367004 would have been from 1906. Re: pre model 11 autoloading shotgun serial number help. Magazine Extensions for Remington 870 Shotgun (Nordic Components, Choate, TacStar, Remington, ATI) 7 Remington 870 Upgrade Ideas for Less Than $20. Remington 870 Pump Shotgun. previos1226 · #19 · May 19, 2023. The gun originally was issued as a 12 gauge in 1959. American,***REMINGTON DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. REMINGTON 16 GAUGE SHOTGUNS. How do I determine the model number and the age, I believe it to be about late 1800s vintage. Great deals on Double Barrel In Shotgun Parts. Seven Double Barrel Shotgun Receivers and Assorted Parts. Sears Roebuck Shotgun Serial Numbers. More fun stuff very easy to figure out Remington 870 Serial Number Lookup | Rem870. Stock Color: A Grade Satin Walnut. casonet said: I've beet told you can call Remington for that information. The Stevens 315 is a hammerless side-by-side shotgun in a boxlock design. In their day, many thousands of these sold for about $5. Pieper Double Barrel 12g Shotgun. Serial # 434 & NSV First gun is made by Harrington & Richardson. Old Remington side by side. Batavia, NY Double Barrel …. Some guns in the 30,000 and higher range serial numbers do not have a makers name on the barrels and would be true transition guns. When considering Parker shotgun grades, there are two primary concerns other than gauge. Remington Model 1894 Double Barrel Hammerless ShotgunDamascus finish with a single bead front sight on a solid rib marked with the one line address. Serial on Aubrey shotguns?. The last of the M1903 “Modified” rifles was completed the following March 1943. 410 bore sizes, and Lefever shotguns were a favorite among trap shooters. The two main type of hammerless double barrel shotguns are sidelock and boxlock. 6 [Win MAC] Free _VERIFIED_ Download Keygen Runner Mac [2020] Zend Studio 13. ADDITIONAL CHANGE OVER NUMBERS FOR SEARS GUNS Numbers may not be in order with above list. Most double shotguns represented here. The more original condition (original finish) a vintage double has, the less it has been used and abused. Make a single barrel trap shotgun. A Prospering New Republic - 1780 to 1860. I got an email back from Marlin about my 336 manufacturing date. Mar 04, 2007 If it's a T Barker Belgian made clunker, then it's not worth more than $150. Very early production Remington Vest Pocket Pistol (aka Number 1 Saw Handle Derringer) with serial number 235: brass frame, factory engraved, 30 Rimfire, rosewood grips. IMPORTED REMINGTON DOUBLE BARREL PERCUSSION SHOTGUN. From 1919 to approximately 1923, Folsom continued to assemble and make Baker shotguns. This is where you want to focus most of your attention. IDK what the S stamp means, but the barrels certainly did not originally have 3" chambers; more likely they were 2-1/2". A gun in the 102xxx range would have been made in 1895. Your specimen was made in 1920. Double barrel shotguns were date coded between 1949 & 1970. Get the best deals on Double Barrel In Vintage Hunting Gun Parts when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. This was the first shotgun made by Remington. Remington only used the terms "Model 1894" and "Model 1900" in the parts lists. I just inherited 2 Parker shotguns that need to have appraised…. For example, entering the string, "gun serial number 335-71633" yields search …. According to the, interpolated …. The Model 1889 was the only hammer double barrel made by Remington Arms Co. with slug barrel and rifle sights ($95. 410", was originally marketed as a "Stevens", and was only available for a long time as a. But, I am telling you the accuracy of the telephone date of manufacture service is shot full of holes. The old factory ledger starts with the resumption of civilian firearm production after The Great War. I have a 12 gage remington automatic shotgun that was owned by my grand father. However, Stoeger gives you some choice of configuration on this double-barrel shotgun, with 26- and 28-inch barrel options available on its 12- and 20-gauges. For example "BL" would be January of 1920, and "CWW" would be April of 1950. There are also lists that say "AX" denotes production year 1981, while some others say "AX" denotes production year 1983. They always signified a change in mechanical design or manufacturing process which resulted in an. The Remington Model 1900 serial numbers begin with number 300,001 in 1900 and continue up to number 390,001+ in 1910. REMINGTON MODEL 1889 DOUBLE BARREL 10 GA SHOTGUNRemington Arms Model 1889 hammer side by side double barrel 10 gauge shotgun. Model 660 Model 666 Model 676 Model 686 Model 732 Model 733 Model 900 Model 901 Model 903 Model 904. New York, 20 GA double barrel exposed hammer shotgun. 5 in barrel marked 12 GA 2 3/4" OR 3" FULLY RIFLED REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, right side of the ***REMINGTON DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning. Baker Gun Web Site The Guns of William. The original H&R company went out of business in 1986, and the building was demolished. various "Whitmore Hammer Lifter" and "Lifter" shotguns. In 1911, Marcellus Hartley Dodge combined his arms and his ammunition …. Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with 32" Damascus steel barrels, knurled …. The serial numbers on the Model 1889 appear to have started with 30000 and had reached …. Parker shotguns were made in 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-gauge, 20-, and 28-gauge with the first. 00; msg1249 crescent firearms “new empire” model sxs shotgun in. 20-gauge Sterlingworths -- 250000 to 271304. Joseph Farrell on October 27, 2020:. Toward the end of the 1970s Browning added a “sporter” model with a straight, English-style stock. The Crescent made Folsom Arms Co. Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with 32" Damascus steel barrels, knurled hammers, checkered forestock and wrist and a walnut stock. The Model 1900 was Remington's last double barrel until they took over the Parker Brothers Gun Company in1934. A Remington external-hammer SxS serial number 50106 should be a Model 1889 made approximately 1893. I recently came into posession of a Janssen Fils and Co. Yet this remarkable shotgun has been around for more than half a …. Shortly after that Rem-UMC began calling that gun the Model No. Grade 1 had decarbonized steel barrels. I have a remington doulbe barrel shotgun with no date on the barrel. FRAMED REMINGTON UMC ADVERTISING POSTER OR CALENDAR TOP TITLED "A A 12 gauge L. ITHACA DOUBLE BARRELED SHOTGUNS. barrel shotgun with double trigger and exposed hammers with the serial number of 53879? Remington double barrel shotgun serial 63548? That is . Two say "A" denotes 1940, one says "A" denotes 1939. He is best known as the inventor of the hammerless shotgun, first introduced in 1878. The grade on Parker shotguns is a number or initials located on the water table of the frame. The Model 1894 was made in 10, 12 and 16 gauges with 28. According to the rave reviews, this firearm should be found in every coat closet, gun rack, and duck blind in the nation. Ithaca became famous for building firearms based on expired patents owned by Remington Arms. We invite you to experience the Benelli difference and to visit a Benelli dealer near you soon. What year was my Winchester manufactured? (Serial Number …. It is available from The Double Gun Journal, 800-447-1658 for $49 plus $10 shipping and handling. I can say that the model 1200 Winchester shotgun was made from 1964-1981. The two sets of numbers are different. Have a remington shot gun breakopen with the following numbers 78013. age and value of enders royal 12 guage serial 318750 fair. This company has produced a wide variety of shotguns in a number of different styles over the years. Only Remington can give an owner a DOM for a gun from this era, that carries no date code - via the gun's serial number. Double Barrel In Shotgun Parts for sale. REMINGTON SHOTGUN SERIAL NUMBER STRUCTURE (This has nothing to do with the barrel code & the barrel code has nothing to do with the serial numbers) Model 870 LETTER PREFIX 1950 TO APPROX 1968: NO SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX 1968 TO PRESENT: LETTERS USED (IN SEQUENCE) S-68, T-74, V-78, W-84, X-90, A-91, B-94, C-97, D-01, AB-05 Model 870 LETTER SUFFIX. For that information, you need to contact the Sevens Historian. The gun (made from 1894 to 1910 and approximately 140,000+ of them were made) couldn't have been made and stamped with the patent date before the patent was issued. org) or a qualified gunsmith to date the shotgun. Consequently, its value is between $350 and $400. Fay of Ilion, New York, assignor to the Remington Arms Company of same place; and No. nbsp; Serial Number 170984, all matching. Total Production: Approximately 42,000. A two-shot, short-recoil semiauto 12-gauge, it came in models as light as 6 pounds for upland bird hunting and was made from 1955 to 1971. The weapon appears to have two Damascus barrels and as far as I can tell all numbers match on all parts of the weapon. The owner presents the rifle for registration and the markings indicate it is a Remington Model ‘700’. The "Hercules" made for Wards was a copy of the Iver Johnson "Champion" …. Remington & Sons hammer double. Caliber/Gauge: 10, 12, and 16 gauge. Remington Mohawk 48 12 gauge made in 1973. Remington Model 1889 Grade 1 Double Barrel 12. About $65-$75, depending on condition. B – Jan L – Feb A – Mar C – Apr K – May P – Jun O – Jul W – Aug D – Sep. barrels, serial number A in circle D in circle RT9; FFL, Permit, or NICS background check What kind of barrel does a savage 20 gauge gun have? A 20 gauge/. , 12 gauge, 26" barrels with shell extractors, bead front sight, double triggers, …. Navy Arms 1875 Remington-Style Revolver Navy Arms 1890 Remington-Style Revolver Navy Arms Model 1875 Schofield-Wells Fargo 5” Barrel 10 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2023) 13 Best Affordable 9mm Carbine Options (2023) Best AR-15 Options For Any Budget And Buyer’s Guide (2023). The serial number on the fore-end does not match the serial number of the rest of the gun. Type: hinge or break-action shotgun. Smith 12 gauge doubleHunter Arms model L. The serial number range for 1905 is 214,400 to. What is remington model 10 shotgun serial number u 44398. Remington never used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it's firearms, they. Remington 11-48 Recoil operated like God and John Browning intended. Reprinted with express written permission from Walter Claude Snyder’s books “ The Ithaca Gun Company From The Beginning ” and WESTERN ARMS MODEL LONG RANGE DOUBLE GUNS. A HARRINGTON RICHARDSON shotgun is currently worth an average price of $184. REMINGTON SHOTGUN SERIAL NUMBER STRUCTURE (This has nothing to do with the barrel code & the barrel code has nothing to do with the serial numbers) Model 870 LETTER PREFIX 1950 TO APPROX 1968: NO SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX 1968 TO PRESENT: LETTERS USED (IN SEQUENCE) S-68, T-74, V-78, W-84, X-90, A-91, B …. Remington Arms Company, Inc. I need to figure out what he has with a serial number of 404586K on the receiver, as well as the year to assist me in finding the correct years for the barrel, caliber, so on. CASED BEAUTIFUL FRENCH PERCUSSION DOUBLE SHOTGUN BY LOUIS MALHERBE. Remington began designing and building a flintlock rifle for himself. Board index » Shotguns » Remington Model 11-87. They were manufactured from 1894-1910 with serial numbers 100,000 – 142,000. I have a Remington UMC pump action rifle, Serial # U 97093. catalogue as the "Remington Repeating Shotgun" -- In the February 15, 1910, Remington price list the gun is called the Model 1908. on gun states: Patented 10/30/1894; Serial #1371. Just look at the serial number engraved on the receiver and see if it ends with the letter “M. What i can't figure out is if it has damascus barrels or not, I have read that its not advisable to fire modern ammunition in an old shotgun with damascus barrels, and I would like to use this one to hunt with. I think it is the demascus type barrel. What Is The Value Of This: Baker Gun Co. I am trying to determine when and where my remington wingmaster 12 gauge shotgun was manufactured. There will be some numbers under the barrels, but they may serial numbers or just batch/lot numbers that will not help identify the date of manufacture. A gun serial number is a unique identifier assigned to a singular firearm. Detailed pictures is a plus in evaluating the condition which is the major factor in establishing a price. This serial number decoder will translate this information, determining the exact month and year that your specific firearms was created. Remington Double-Barrel Shotgun 12 ga. Custom Shop) that highlights the latest Date of Manufacturer (DoM) and Barrel ID Code Stamps for CF as well as rimfire: Remington Barrel date Code. Call or email Remington and give them the serial number, they will tell you when it was born, however keep in mind they do make errors. Guns International is a large shop-like forum website where collectors list their firearms finds …. I have a double barrel shotgun that is a sxs. Liberty Arms Stagecoach SXS Shotgun,12 guage. , a Connecticut LLC owned by Marlin Firearms. Has checkered pistol grip and is marked on lock …. The Model 1894 was a good solid boxlock hammerless double based on a patent of Andrew Whitmore. It - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert How old is my model 1900 Remington Arms Co. Nuts - on one photo the part I needed to see was partly blocked in the photo. I'm having trouble with the serial number lookup for this one in particular. 4 Cal 12 Demi Choke Perfectione. versus Remingtons’s earlier Whitmore, which was a. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750. M1903A3 production phasing out the M1903 “Modified” began in December 1942 with the first 1909 rifles included in the factory invoice to the Ordnance Dept. , 28″ Steel bbl, Factory Single Trigger, …. What is the value of Remington double barrel model 1900 12 gauge shot gun?. The lower tang is serialized to the receiver. Remington New Model Army Revolver, made 1863–1875 Remington Rolling Block Carbine 1867. How can you tell the model and year of an Ithaca shotgun? look on the Side of the recevier there should be a Serial Number on the older Ithaca Model 37 the serial Number was stamped on the receiver by the magazine tune and Barrel. Jason A Discussion starter · Jun 21, 2017. From the very little research I have done/reading forums it appears this is a an AE weapon. Payment Methods: Cash or Postal Money Order. 410 bore shotgun pistol, which was introduced in the 1920s. For sale is a an Elgoibar El Faisan SXS in. It was essentially a redesign of E. Eliphalet Remington II (1793–1861) believed he could build a better gun than he could buy. The Trojan revolver is not listed. It shows a patent of 1894, but I have no idea how old it actually is. According to the Remington Society of America barrel …. This gun was the last double barrel breech loading shotgun Remington made until the 1930's when Remington bought Parker Brothers Gun Company. Listed below is history of the two companies, …. How To Date A Baker Shotgun. Where can you find information about an Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 387706? It was made in 1924, according to "Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning". From the 1898 catalogue above, a customer could order a Remington 1894 from five grades of Damascus barrels or from three grades with Remington ordnance steel barrels. From home security to the turkey woods and trap field, Stevens shotguns boast hard-hitting durability without sacrificing performance. flues & nig models double & single guns. I have a 300 Savage that belonged to my Grandfather that was new in 1926. The evolution of this shotgun started with the design of the Remington model 11-48, then the Model 58s and the 878s. Serial # 31467 & 47393 The first is a Bayard 12 gauge double hammer with 18-1/2" barrels. Serial # 110826 SKB Model 100 12-gauge double barrel shotgun serial #178764 imported by Ithaca made in Japan round barrel with blued finish 28 in. 22 rifles, have never had a serial number, and they are perfectly …. 2 Rifle Cane), serial numbers for the r. A forum community dedicated to Shotgun owners and enthusiasts including the Remington, Beretta, and Mossberg …. Such is guesswork concerning shotgun serial numbers after the fact, and with the one who purchased this wonderful American-made shotgun …. Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy, and taste good with catsup - George of Lod, Year of Our Lord 297. Some engraving of hunting dog around the reciever. The company had suspended production ofall double barrel shotguns in late 1910,as the market was too soft due to the popularity of the pumps and autos. shotguns - serial numbers below 4200 Churchill (E. Smith double barrel side by side shotgun, Hunter Arms Co. FINISH IS IN GOOD SHAPE WITH LIGHT …. If the Model 870™ were introduced today, it would be hailed as a major advance in pump-action shotgun design - the ultimate in strength, durability, silky-smooth bind-free action, and sleek classical lines. Whether it’s the most popular and enduring pump action of all-time, or. The underside of the forearm has …. The MP-94 Express is an over/under double rifle with the provision to easily adjust the barrels to the correct point of impact. Semmer's Remington book says that the last serial number produced in 1897 was 80389. Looking at the serial number on this gun, which is # 101,510670, what I can deduce without research is that this gun was manufactured by Sears & Roebuck and Co. 12 gauge, 30″ fluid steel barrels choked full & full. 3 Inch Barrel With Tight Crisp Action. double barrel shotgun with double triggers? What year is a Remington 700 with serial number B6629532? What is the date of manufacturer of a . 528,508 pertaining to the automatic ejectors, to R. 1907, serial number 313664, walnut *PARKER VHE GRADE DAMASCUS DOUBLE BARREL Cal. The following letters correspond to the months of the year, for example B=January, L= February and so on:. Model 623 Model 632 Model 642 Model 649. Falling Block Single Barrel Shotgun - 1891. Remington Double Barrel Shotgun. In 1893, they began making bicycle chains, and that same year, H & D Folsom took over the company's financial control. American Double Antique Shotguns. Beretta Serial Number Age Lookup. All Shotguns Apply Action Type. That only gives the age of the barrel. Colt Model 1878 Double Barrel Shotgun Serial. Stevens 12-gauge SxS shotgun and Lefever12-gauge SxS shotgun circa 1990 Model 311H serial number D409425; hammerless top lever boxlock action double. A forum community dedicated to Shotgun owners and enthusiasts including the Remington, Beretta, and Mossberg shotguns brands. The name is listed in the Standard Catalog of Firearms as a Crescent Firearms Co. It is available from the author 7885 Cyd Drive, Denver, CO 80221, for $60 plus $5 shipping and handling. Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. The first was the model 1873 hammer lifter 1873-1878,the model 1875and 1876 lifter from 1875-1882,model 1878 hammer from 1878-1882,the 1879 SxS hammer from 1879-1882,the models 1882 and 1883 SxS hammer …. Roger Gascoigne said: I like my guns, a lot, but I have never considered dating them, could sound a bit kinky. Now you can do this automatically using Rem870. It was a running change so there is no exact serial number. Also, I believe the stock was replaced but I'm. Serial numbers were not a requirement until 1968, so older firearms may not have serial numbers. As to the value you have 3 distinct values based on the barrel design that came with your shotgun. Decent doubles are the most expensive of the common shotgun types. Remington Hammerless Doubles -- Two patents were issued on the same day, October 30, 1894. 6 million serial number range have been observed ranging from number 1,602,XXX through 1,639,XXX. I called Remington and they verified the manufacture date based on the serial number. Can you look up a Remington serial number? – Quick. I turned down a Remington 1894 ejector shotgun for 150. If a gun is returned to the factory for a repair, and returned to the customer there should be another date code AND a #3 stamped near it. [1] 16 (2¾") or 14 (3") in total with indicator windows. the largest make ever of such guns and was made for and sold by the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Worn 65 Percent Nickel Finish Left. Savage designated the shotgun as the Savage Model 720 and produced it from 1930 to 1949. In 1878, it introduced its first bolt-action repeating rifle, the Remington-Lee. Buy the Stoeger 12 Gauge Coach Gun Side by Side Shotgun and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. The serial numbers run as follows: Mode 1874 (Hammer Lifter) 001 to 1,500. 22 Target, made 1994-1998 ; Colt Derringer #4. Knickerbocker 12ga, 29 5/8' barrels, 'Poor Man's Double. Browning Superposed: A Shotgun Overview. Hunters can choose between various barrels and chokes based on their specific needs. A 1953, B-grade on top; a modernized 1949, A-grade "truck gun" on bottom. I have an old Remington double barrel shotgun, the serial # is 218699. It has serial number 355851 stamped on barrel and stock near where gun breaks/interlocks (sorry, I have a very mint condition Remington double barrel 12 gauge shotgun that was my great grandfathers. It is available from The Double Gun Journal, 800-447-1658 for $49 plus $10 …. help identifying & valuing an antique Remington Shotgun 10ga">help identifying & valuing an antique Remington Shotgun 10ga. There are several ways to find out more information about your Winchester rifle or shotgun. Remington Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun: side by side configuration, 12 gauge, matching serial numbers 215523, barrels 30 in. Single letter SN prefix Forehand Arms Co. According to the, interpolated from shipping records, serial number list in Charles Semmer's book, Remington Double Shotguns, 367004 would have been …. I have an ithaca double barrel double trigger 12g all matching numbers but stock is cracked and missing piece of wood serial number 446592 f 12 marked under heath barrels on stock. Fox replied to him that the gun was sold for $37. The shotgun's initial production run from 1931 through 1960 yielded approximately 30,000 guns. The serial number is XXXXX I believe it is from the 1920's …. The Remington New Model Double Barrel Shotgun was made in seven qualities from No. If the right doesn't fire I don't think it's you. I have a Remington Model 1900, double barrel, manufactured in 1909 with Remington Steel barrels. Remington SERIAL NUMBERS 1921-2012 Remingtons manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture. Year after year, decade after decade, they withstand the test of time and conquer all rivals. GI#: 102428301 Remington Model 1900 12 Gauge Double Barrel …. Remington model 11 serial numbers. The Remington Model 95 is a double-barrel pocket pistol commonly recognized as a Derringer. It was a short-barreled pump-action shotgun …. can guns went from 1 to 1748 and produced over 27 years In the late 1860s the cane gun was re-designed for. including the Remington, Beretta, and Mossberg shotguns. The Model 1882/3 starts with serial number 001 in 1882 and runs through 15,000+ in 1884. After Browning passed away, another contract was awarded to Savage. What is the value of a 12 gauge Essex SX double barrel shotgun with rabbit ear hammers? Less than $200. Side By Side Shotguns For Sale :: Guns. A REMINGTON 10 shotgun is currently worth an average price of $800. Baker Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers. Here we present an antique Remington-Whitmore Model 1873 Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun manufactured in Ilion, New York circa 1874. Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with 32" Damascus steel barrels, knurled hammers, This shotgun has matching serial numbers [more like this] GA SHOTGUNRemington Arms Model 1889 hammer side by side double barrel 10 gauge shotgun. What was date of mfg of c g bonehill 12 gauge double barrel serial. Shotguns, 16001-18702, 1900-89. 2) Colt M1911A1 Canadian Contract: S/N 930,000 to 936,000 = 1943 ( 1,515 military model pistols were shipped to Canada through the Lend-Leased Act from this serial number range. The lands and grooves of the rifling in the eight inch barrel are . I did find this quoted on the internet: V = 12ga. Look up a Remington serial number by using Remington Serial Number Lookup. Help me date this Manufrance Robust No. For now I can tell you, sticking to doubles only, that: 1. These reprints cover all aspects of arms – Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers – Archery, Knives, Sights, Telescopes, Cap Guns, Reloading and Ammunition – Military and Civilian and. It has two tube magazines, each of which feeds its own barrel. The 16ga number 1 began in 1909. Thee were low $$$ guns made by Crescent, who used about 100 different names. American Gun Company 12 gage Double Barrel. I have a Remington Model 31 12 gauge shotgun, with the serial number 128696 stamped on it and on the 26 inch barrel. When was it made and what is its value? I also have a 32 gauge rifle, octogon barrel, made by Remington Arms Co. The first letter identifes the month, the other letter (s) identify the year. That is what will be recorded despite the manufacturer records (serial number on receiver) indicating the rifle was shipped by the factory as a Model ‘700 ADL Tactical’. Model 905 Model 922 Second Issue Model 923 Model 925. The marking (usually in the vicinity of the serial number) is a letter followed by a two digit number (for example T28 or D30). SEARS AND ROEBUCK FIREARMS. OK - that is a Model 1889 Remington double-barrel shotgun. 2 Rifle Cane) its weights was 24 oz. Need help Remington 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun. You can get a quality pump gun for a small fraction of the price. Model 74 Model 77 Model 100 Model 88 Model 99 or Thumb Trigger. The only barrel markings are the traditional Remington Arms Company Ilions, NY on the right and *** (star) 12 GA. 1921 is when Remington started using the Bbl Date Code system. Serial Number: OB - EXCELLENT- all original parts; over 80% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals and design on metal; unmarred wood. SERIAL NUMBER 7 REMINGTON HEPBURN DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. If bonds have been destroyed, you must apply to the U. Browning A5 16 Gauge Serial Number Date Guide. 12 gauge single shotgun; Triplett Steel; serial…. Serial numbers on the receiver, barrel lug and forearm all.